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Startup Padel Tour

A traveling get together where sporty founders and investors compete on the court and socialise off the court. By invitation only

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A concept by Patrick de Laive and Robert Jan de LaiveWe combine the addictive pleasure of playing padel with having fun and enchanted conversations amongst a unique curated group of people.The Startup Padel Tour is organised alongside large tech events in various cities (e.g. TNW, WebSummit, WMC), followed by a buzzing party, dubbed Balls, Beers and a bit of BusinessWant a Startup Padel Tour edition around your event? Let's chat.

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Amsterdam, Lisbon, Amsterdam

The first three edition were a blast!Founders and investors of Europe's fastest growing companies have been battling each other on the court and bonded together off the court.Some of the founders and investors that joined us:
Dutch Founders Fund, INKEF Capital, Curiosity VC, Henq, AccelerAsia, Popup Capital, BNDF Ventures, Slingshot Ventures, Bill V
OpenUp, Temper, Outfunnel, Rocket X, Inner Circle, Crisp, Ekster, TicketSwap, Cocoroco, Pitchdrive, Deel, Tiqets, Naduvi, Swapfiets, Homerun, TNWWe hope to see you at the next edition!

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"the quality of the people is far greater than the level of the game"

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Cocoroco is a remote customer support jobs platform. Providing ready-to-interview customer service employees to join the in-house teams of fast growing companies.

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Deel is a payroll and compliance provider. Providing hiring and payments services for companies hiring international employees and contractors. Hire anyone, anywhere

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